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App embed

Visit 'Theme customizer' and 'App embeds' section. Please enable the Hulk Form Builder app in order to show your forms on your store

Create new form

Creating a new form with our app is easy and super-fun. Give it a try and make your store stand out!


Looking for help or do you just want to get to know Form Builder app a little more? Knowledgebase is the right place for you.

App Setup Steps

1.Enable the app

Go to Theme Customizer, App Embeds, and enable Hulk Form Builder App.

2.Create a form

Go to the Forms page and create your first form.

3.Add form to your store

Embed the form on your store by adding the form as an App Block or inserting a shortcode to your desired page.

Live Forms
Form title Responses Created on
Copy of May 19th, 2023: RadCoat® UV & UnoCoat Color School 0 2023-04-07 07:42 PM
CONTACT US 208 2022-09-21 10:23 AM
May 19th, 2023: RadCoat® UV & UnoCoat Color School 7 2022-10-24 01:30 PM
Photo Submission Form 4 2022-10-24 01:47 PM